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Inflight Safety Component Tracking Solution.
Accurate Safety Audit – Smooth Aircraft clearance.


There are many aircraft cabin safety equipment which are crucial in an emergency. Airlines pre-flight safety checklist is quite long from life vest & vest box, oxygen masks, first aid kits, escape slide among others. The manual approach of pre-flight safety audit does not effectively demonstrate, as proof of carrying out the audit in compliance with the safety policy. This visibility gap is addressed by airlines with the adoption of EnTrackLifevest.

EnTrackLifevest is designed specifically for airlines to digitally carry out safety audit of cabin assets. Process mapped and defined workflow ready EnTrackLifevest will guide the clearance team to accurately and quickly validate all safety parameters, including expiry validation and tamper proof to gain greater control of critical in-flight assets, instantly provide with compliance report to prompt corrective action as per the safety policy.

EnTrackLifevest precisely achieves those results while enabling airlines reduce the aircraft clearance time and operational cost. With EnTrackLifevest in place, daily ‘safety equipment checking’ time per aircraft comes down significantly by over 80%, while ensuring visibility and safety compliance.

EnTrackLifevest Features

  • Aircraft Process mapping
  • Aircraft templates design by seat layout and configuration
  • Job order creation
  • Inspection (active, expired, missing, misplaced, tampered)
  • Compliance process mapping and deviation alerts
  • Warehouse Process mapping – Inventory Master, Binning, GRN and Issue, Stock module
  • Dashboards by Job order, trends, etc.
  • Integration with ERP/ MRO systems
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